The Shave Factory Disinfecting Jar 37 oz

The Shave Factory Disinfecting Jar 37 oz

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The Shave Factory Disinfecting Jar 37 oz (disinfectant not included)

A practical and inexpensive way to disinfect all tools in the professional hair salon. You can fill this glass immersion bottle with Barbicide Disinfectant. This can be ordered separately in large bottles. Sterilizing hairdressing knives and scissors and combs is very common in the USA. We therefore import these bottles directly from the USA. In the USA you can see the glass bottles filled with blue liquid in every salon and barbershop. In the Netherlands, more and more hairdressers are aware of hygiene and use Barbicide. You kill all bacteria and prevent diseases such as hepatitis. The immersion bottle is made of glass and stainless steel. Leave the tools immersed in the bottle for ten minutes. Then you take them out, rinse them and dry them.