Proraso Pre Post Cream, Menthol - Eucalyptus

Proraso Pre Post Cream, Menthol - Eucalyptus

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Proraso Pre Post Cream, Menthol – Eucalyptus
  • Best selling pre/post shave cream
  • Natural, non-greasy, concentrated formula
  • With menthol & eucalyptus for an fresh, invigorating toning and scent
Founded in 1908, this classic brand has been a staple in wet shaving den around the world for three generations. Passed down from father to son, this innovative Italian company brings high quality, effective, and economical products to the world’s barbers and home groomers. In 1948, in a world receptive to change and moving forward, Proraso introduced a new idea: Pre/post shave cream. It took Italy – and the world – by storm. Get this newly reformulated version today: Proraso Pre & Post Cream, Menthol & Eucalyptus.
This Pre & Post cream is unique because it can be used to soften and prep the beard prior to your shave, and be used as a moisturizing aftershave when you’re done. It’s wonderful for both. Surprisingly fresh and effective. If you have a really coarse beard, you will love the way this product softens your whiskers in preparation for the blade.
It has that classic menthol and eucalyptus scent with the cooling kick you’d expect from Proraso. It is a concentrated, rich, and non-greasy formulation. No animal origin ingredients or animal testing. Just natural goodness for cleaning and toning action.
Size: 100ml/3.6oz
Made in Italy.