Proraso Eau de Cologne, Azur Lime

Proraso Eau de Cologne, Azur Lime

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Proraso Eau de Cologne, Azur Lime
  • Single Blade, professional collection cologne
  • Refresh and scent newly shaved skin
  • Scented with azur lime
Proraso is an iconic name in wet shaving circles. For over 50 years, they have remained true to their values: use of natural ingredients, excellence in research, and respect for tradition. Some things have changed, but that hasn’t. You can’t go wrong with Proraso. And now they’ve outdone themselves with a line of refined, professional grade products to grace the most elite Italian barbershop- or your own home.
This new Single Blade range of products is professional quality you can enjoy at home. Taking its name from the traditional tool of the barber, this line pays homage to the classic shave. The art of the barber is impeccable precision and perfect results, so this highly specialized line exalts the ritual of the classic single blade shave. The Single Blade Collection comes in three fragrances (wood & spice, cypress & vetiver, azur lime).
With this line, they introduce their first eau de cologne. The perfect complement and finishing touch to a classic shave, these fragrances are designed to sign off on the perfect shave. They refresh and invigorate your newly shaved skin.
This is an intoxicating fragrance with a traditional citrus scent. The bright citrus top notes are woven with hints of mint and juniper for an energetic heart. Then moss, woods, and patchouli give it richness and depth. Nicely balanced and masculine.
A single blade, expert hands, confident strokes and a hot towel application. The Italian shave is a precise and sought-after tradition that requires exceptional dedication and skill. It is for a man that cares for himself today, as gentlemen have in the past.
Enjoy the same quality in your own home with this collection. Proraso Eau De Cologne, Azur Lime.
Size: 100ml
Made in Italy