Men Only BARBER Moisturizing After Shave Cream

$22.95 +Tax

Men Only BARBER Moisturizing After Shave Cream

75 ml
A light and balanced After Shave – Moisturizing Cream that is easily and effectively absorbed in the skin after a close shave using a disposable blade or half shave with an electric shaver. The precise formulation of this cream leaves the facial skin feeling refreshed, while locking-in the skin´s natural moisture components. It reduced redness and conceals signs of aging that accumulate on the facial skin over the years. Thanks to its powerful composition of black caviar, collagen and mint extracts, Men Only After Shave Cream boasts a rich and unique texture, leaving the facial and neck skin feeling wonderful and looking radiant and powerful. ·         The cream can also be used as a daily moisture cream·         Powerful, long lasting scent·         Alcohol free·         Paraben free


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