Curl Shine Styler Super G Series 65GO

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Curl Shine Styler Super G Series


Curl Shine Super G-series Stylers are made from natural Teak wood. Designed with both Boar bristle and heat resistant Nylon pins alternating rows. The Boar bristles smooth the hair’s cuticle while the Nylon pins grab and pick up sections of hair with ease. Allowing stylist to brush through the hair easier than 100 percent Boar bristle Stylers. Created for the everyday stylist. This Styler is great for smoothing curly hair texture. The ventilation holes around the bristle and pins allow hair sections to dry similar to that of a roller set. Creating a looser cascading curl. The wood handle is shaped for comfort with the signature Y.S. PARK ventilation holes that dry hands faster for a better grip. The neck of the handle is designed for easier and faster rolling. Available in seven sizes.



Material:Teak wood / Boar bristle and Polyamide pi


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